How to Stay in Touch With Friends

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No matter what stage of life you are in, be it a college student or a grandparent, it may be hard to keep up with your friends. Even when loved ones are quite important to you, life can get in the way, where you are unable to find the time to do the things you really want to do. Of course, it is vital to stay in touch with your friends when you can. Keep reading on ways to accomplish this task.

Why Friends Are Important
Throughout all the stresses in life, you may need someone to lean on. It can be daunting to try to work out all of your problems by yourself. This is where close friends can help. A friend that cares about you and your wellbeing will likely listen to you when you have a problem and offer advice on a variety of subjects. They may also be able to help improve your self-confidence and health.

If you have a friend in your life that means a lot to you, try your best to check in with them regularly. You can also read articles about friendship to find out additional information.

Call and Text
Anytime you are thinking about someone that is important to you, this may be the perfect time to send them a text or call them on the phone. Even if you don’t talk to each other often, your friend may appreciate hearing from you out of the blue. Think about how you feel when you get a surprise text. Perhaps you would like your friend to feel the same way.

Video Call
In some cases, you may be able to video chat or video call a person you are missing. This allows you to see and hear the other person. While this isn’t the same as being in the same room, since you will be able to see them, you may feel a bit closer than when you simply talk on the phone.

Social Media
You can also keep up with friends through social media. Depending on which sites you frequent, you may be able to like their posts, direct message them, and more. This may be an easier route for some, but others might feel it is impersonal to only talk to them through social media. On the other hand, you can stay apprised of your friend’s lives by what they post on their social media pages, in some instances. This could allow you to continue to feel connected to them, even when you haven’t talked in a while. It is still a good idea to reach out to them when you miss them however, so keep that in mind.

Hang Out
If you are able to hang out with a friend or invite them to your house, you should take advantage of this when possible. This will allow you a chance to catch up in person, and it can also strengthen your bond. Other ideas include getting dinner together and eating it on an outdoor patio, or talking to each other outside, so you won’t be in a confined space with others.

When you find you are missing your friends, there are ways to find out how they are and speak with them, even if you aren’t in the same place or are unable to visit them in person. These are some ideas to consider, or you can ask your friends for even more ideas. Together you may be able to decide how to catch up with each other. Making an effort can be a big deal, so take some time to reach out when possible.

Guest post written by Marie Miguel

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