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When the city’s covered with snow the best thing to do is to take your equipment, get into the car and go straight to the next ski slope! And the surroundings of Cluj provide some of the best ones, reachable within only 3 hours max. Convince yourself of the fact that Romania has much to offer for ski lovers – not only great spots and loads of snow, but even pretty nice prices!


Partia Teleschi Feleacu

The ski and snowboard resort Teleschi Feleacu is located only 12 km from Cluj. It is therefore extremely easy accessible and simply perfect for those who want to reach the resort quickly and spend more time skiing. Since it is located on Feleaculu Hill, you can admire a unique view over the city of Cluj during the day as well as the night. Ski slope Feleacu has a path length of 765 meters and a difference in height of 98 m. It is equipped with artificial snow and an efficient illumination to provide the best conditions at night. The lift has a total capacity of 412 persons/h, surveillance system 24h and wireless internet on the slopes. Of course there is a ski rental center, too. The ski school offers lessons for the beginners while the snow park offers plenty of fun for the advanced ones (opening during the next weeks).

How to get there: You can even go by taxi or Uber, if you share it between 4 it’s still affordable. You get to the slopes taking the DN9 national road Cluj-Turda, taking the first entrance before the control station located on Feleacului Hill. Signs will guide you simple and effective to the slope.

Opening hours: Monday 6 PM to 10 PM, Tuesday – Thursday 4 PM to 10 PM, Friday 2 PM to 10 PM, Saturday – Sunday from 10 AM – 10 PM

Prices: 4 lei/1 climb, 10 climbs 45 lei, 15 climbs 65 lei, 20 climbs 80 lei. Complete ski equipment rental costs 40 lei, same price for snowboard equipment.

Contact: email [email protected], phone +40 740 541 997, see the website or their facebook page.

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Buscat Ski Resort

At Buscat ski resort 3 ski slopes totaling 3 km are waiting for you. The slopes are joined in the top of the Băișorii mountain, close to the chairlift, which has a height of 1676m. The lifts have a total capacity of 1500 persons/h. The duration of the climb with the chair lift is 5 minutes, during which you can admire the beautiful view over the area around Buscat Hill.

How to get there: When by car, go to Baisoara and after 10 km up the valley to the village of Muntele Băișorii. The distance from Cluj is around 54 km. Or simple click here.

Opening hours and prices: Starting this weekend, the blue slope will be opened and soon the other ones will be available. The first offers will begin at 50 Lei for all day ski pass.

Contact: email [email protected], phone +40 733 336 553, website (only in Romanian) or facebook

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Paltinis Ski Resort

Paltinis is located at a height of 2000 m over the sea level and is probably one of the best spots for skiing in Romania – one of the first resorts that gets snow and one of the last where it’s melting. And even if it’s a bad winter: snow is guaranteed by their snow cannons. The slopes are equipped with four ski lifts and a chair lift. Additionally, there’s one of Romania’s best and most modern fun parks with nightlights for different ski levels. Who hasn’t skied so far can take part in ski lessons at the ski school.

Paltinis throws some really nice parties and apre skis at night after great ski-days. And, even more, at Arena Platos Paltinis there are sport competitions every weekend for professionals, families and wacky games such as Slide and Freeze or Miss Bikini contest, where competitors must cross on ski or board on an artificial lake built on the slope.

How to get there: Go to Sibiu first. From there you can even get a cab if you don’t have your own car since it’s only a 30 min drive. There’s also a Ski Bus taking you from Sibiu as well as other stations on the way to the resort twice a day and some public buses that go to Platinis. From Cluj, it will take about 3 hours to get there.

Opening hours: Saturday 10 AM – 9:30 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM, from 24th December also on weekdays

Prices: 50 lei/30 ascents and 100 lei for 60. Students pay only 45/90 lei. There are also day passes to purchase.

Contact: email [email protected], phone +40 736 108 187, website or facebook

SuperSki Cavnic

Cavnic’s ski resort has a total slope length of 6 km divided into 3 levels of difficulty. The altitude ranges from 950m to 1260m with an average slope of 24%. At the ski school beginners will be supervised in small groups to guarantee safety and maximum learning outcomes.

How to get there: The resort can be reached by car on the DN18 road from Baia Mare to Baia Sprie, where you will have to switch roads and take the one leading to Cavnic, a total of 32 km. There are road signs pointing to SuperSki Cavnic slope. It’s a 2,5 hours drive from Cluj.

Opening hours: Wed – Thu from 10am to 5pm, Fri-Sun from 9am to 9pm. After 19th Dec they will have a daily schedule.

Prices: 2 climbs 10 lei, 20 climbs 65 lei, 30 climbs, 90 lei. You can even get ski passes for whole days or hours. Ski rental is offered of course, too. A complete ski equipment costs 40-60 lei per day, snowboard equipment 50 lei per day.

Contact: ski school: phone +40 732 900777, email [email protected], website or facebook

You can find here a ski map if you are looking for other ski slopes. Sounds like a plan for the Christmas holidays, doesn’t it?

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